Shimmy Rivers and and Canal at The Spitz

Shimmy Rivers And And Canal: Pig Skides on Vimeo

Drowned in Sound have reported that the marvellous East London venue The Spitz may soon have to close. This would be a tragedy as it’s one of my favourite places to see bands play – and they’ve hosted some fantastic lineups. Small venues are far more precious to me than large ones and I really hope that The Spitz in particular will be here to stay.

That’s all a bit gloomy though, so why not watch this video of Shimmy Rivers and and Canal peforming last night at – of course – The Spitz?

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Superproduct is (quietly) go

If I didn’t get round to launching superproduct right now it may never happen at all.

The site isn’t quite finished, and perhaps it never will be – but it’s been a long time coming. That’s all there is to say. Let’s see what happens.